Mass Media Swing

Ferris students rely on television outlets for news with a strong shift in witty political shows

by Published: Nov 7, 2012

FOX News and CNN are the most watched news out­lets in America and among Ferris stu­dents as well.

Robin Shuberg, Ferris senior in recre­ation and lead­er­ship man­age­ment, said, “I watch FOX because of the great cov­er­age of cur­rent events, and because I’m a republican.”

Television news is cur­rently the largest medium that stu­dents use, but the Internet is clos­ing the gap. Pundits from both sides have stated a long stand­ing cor­re­la­tion between tele­vi­sion news pro­grams and polit­i­cal party mem­ber­ship.

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